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Contacting me

You can contact me via email: I have many addresses, some of which are listed on this page. However, I greatly prioritise encrypted (and authenticated) emails. In order to do this, you can download my openPGP key from public keyservers. The fingerprint is:

pub   4096R/0x90EF94237E701132 2007-06-02 [expires: 2018-06-01]
      Key fingerprint = 3AE8 723E 6579 9C7F 1E96  7AC7 90EF 9423 7E70 1132
uid                  Andrei Morgan <>
uid                  Andrei Morgan <>
uid                  Andrei Morgan <>
uid                  Andrei Morgan <>
uid                  [jpeg image of size 3409]
sub   4096R/0x6F6165B0793717D4 2007-06-02 [expires: 2017-06-01]
sub   2048R/0x08B6A1F72C7BA8B6 2008-11-30 [expires: 2017-06-01]

What is OpenPGP

There is lots of information about openPGP on the web. For instance, there's Phil Zimmermann's original description, "why do you need PGP?" Then, there's a bunch of other stuff in an article by Daniel Kahn Gillmor entitled, "Question: how can we help more people use OpenPGP?" There's also an extremely comprehensive summary by Zachary Voase for complete beginners, or of course the wikipedia entry. Finally, if you are using openPGP - and I hope that you are! - I recommend the 'openPGP best practices' proposed by RiseupLabs.